• French-Inspired Lavender Sachets


    You are purchasing a quite desirable handmade Lavender sachet. Each sachet is created with heavenly scented dried-Lavender.

    The Lavender is HIGHEST FRAGRANCE French lavender, ecofriendly & biodegradable. 100% pure & natural French crafting lavender (NO fillers, oils, additives, chemicals, etc).

    The secret to getting the most out of your dried lavender bag is to squeeze it from time to time. This releases the scent of the lavender. The question often asked how long a dried Lavender Bag lasts for. In principal it will last for years. If you find a lavender bag that has not been touched for years give it a gentle squeeze to refresh the aroma and it will smell as good as new.

    Each sachet measures 3 1/2" long by 3 1/2" wide. Each sachet is stuffed with nothing by pure Lavender buds...no fillers here.

    The fabric is hand stamped with a french-inspired look to add to each sachet. The sachet has a satin ribbon attached so that it can also be hung in a closet, on a bed post, a car mirror, etc.

    Lavender bags full of French dried Lavender help keep wardrobes free from unwanted moths and keep your cupboards smelling delightfully fresh and clean.

    Hang one of our calming Lavender Sachets on your bed post or slide it in your pillowcase to help you sleep. Each sachet is filled with organic French lavender buds and nothing else. The scent of lavender has been proven to promote sleep and makes you rise feeling rested.

    Unbeatable as insect/moth repellent, lay with linens, clothing, knits & yarns to ward off moths and other crawlies. Use in your home to scent drawers & closets, use to naturally scent the air, hang one in your car, tuck into your pillow to help you fall asleep. Great gifts for teachers, hostess, house warming, mother's day gift.

    • Colors may differ slightly from their appearance on your monitor as it depends on your display settings and this is not under my control.

    Please send me an e-mail if you would like to discuss a special order in different colors or in a different size.

    Please feel free to contact me at any time and thank you so much for taking the time to look at my site.

    Always from my smoke free pet free environment.